The Sea Lion and the Sculptor
The Tale of a Vagabond Bohemian Artist

The Sea Lion and the Sculptor: The Tale of a Vagabond Bohemian Artist, is a beautiful hardback, limited- edition book dedicated to portraying the life of artist Al Sybrian, sculptor or the bronze Sea Lion that graces the waterfront in Sausalito, and the imprint he made on the history of the town of Sausalito. The book was written by Terence Clarke of San Francisco and designed by Barbara Geisler of Sausalito under the guidance of Executive Editor and Publisher Bill Kirsch of Sausalito.

In a review of the book, local author Susan Shea comments "The story of Sausalito day’s as a gathering place for artists isn’t a myth, it’s true history; and a recent book, The Sea Lion and the Sculptor: The Tale of a Vagabond Bohemian Artist, brings a portion of that charming, iconoclastic Sausalito vividly to life."

In the forward to The Sea Lion and The Sculptor, Bill Kirsch, executive editor, writes: Al Sybrian was a creative, soulful person who recorded his thoughts about himself, life, art and relationships in an insightful, profound and interesting manner. He spent his artistic life with absolutely no desire for fame or money. His blue-collar attitude about work, his disdain for politics, and his love of argument endeared him to friends and acquaintances throughout his life. This book is written largely in his own words – thoughts and observations extracted from the meticulous notebooks he kept and letters he sent to and received from his friends.

Rick Seymour, author, reviewed The Sea Lion and The Sculptor in Marinscope Newspaper; The Sausalito Historical Society Newsletter "Moments in Time" Summer 2014, published a three part article by Margaret Badger. The full reviews and articles can be read in the Book Review section of this website.

An extensive exhibit of Sybrian’s art and sculpture will be on display in the gallery of the Sausalito Historical Society until March 2015.

If you would like to purchase a hardback, limited-edition copy of The Sea Lion and The Sculptor: The Tale of a Vagabond Bohemian Artist contact:

Bill Kirsch
415/888 - 3919
PO Box 66
Sausalito, CA 94966